Friday, October 22, 2010

Don't be fooled by Latinos for Reform! It's not Latino at all!

--by Mike Adams

Don’t be fooled! Latinos for Reform is not on the side of Latinos. A decision to not vote will not send any message to congress except that the Latino voter block is undependable! Anti-immigration special interests groups have funded a new advertisement campaign targeted at US Hispanic voters. The Ad urges US Latinos to sit this election cycle out as a means of sending a strong message to Democrats in congress. The reality is that by not voting, Hispanics will give power to the very political interests, which have been thwarting Democrat’s attempts at immigration reform…the same interests which are backing this year’s efforts to suppress Hispanic votes in the US.
This advertisement from a 527 group is so cynical, extreme and misleading that Univision refuses to air it despite the loss of advertising revenue from the anti-Immigrant group.
Please understand, Latinos for Reform is not a grass-roots Latino immigration reform group…in fact, if it has any Latino members or contributors, they are a handful. This group was started by and is driven by a far right conservative Republican, whose party has repeatedly undermined immigration reform and whose goal is to stop immigration reform, along with other urgently needed reforms.
All Latinos, please get out to the polls and vote! It is imperative…this year Latinos should indeed send a loud message to legislators…but send the message to those legislators, who despise Hispanic voter participation and who oppose immigration reform. The message should be that Latinos vote, Latinos work hard, Latinos will not be fooled by misleading ads designed to undermine Latino interests, Latinos are here to stay and Latino Immigrants deserve respectful and humane treatment.

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