Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I Support Barack Obama

--by Mike Adams

My family is tight on money with three children a mortgage and a monthly budget, which leaves us with almost no wiggle room. We are very hesitant to part with our money.

After discussing the current political situation with my wife, we decided to devote $25, which is a significant portion of our slender resources to support Barak Obama’s bid for the presidency.

Neither of us has anything in particular against Hillary Clinton, we both agree that she would probably be a fine President, however, we both also agree that this country stands at a turning point in history. Ours is an era, which has been dominated by partisan bickering, divisive manipulations and less than honest statements. Our country has been torn into seemingly irreconcilable factions.

Our Country has waged a war of aggression and sacrificed thousands of American Service men and women. We have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. We have let the poorest and most vulnerable in our society suffer and we have enriched the wealthiest at the expense of our Federal Budget. We have seen our Government turn its back on our wounded and injured service men and women returning home from war. Over the past several years, many of us have lost hope, we have given up on our democracy, on our Government and on our society.

To those who barely have the courage to raise your heads and hope for a brighter future, I say to you that this is our moment; this is our chance if we will seize it. Barak Obama is not promising to change this country, and we ought not to expect him to accomplish that.

What the Obama’s promise is to give voice to our passions, to serve our will, to believe in us even if we have stopped believing in ourselves. We are being called to rise up in unity and change our world, to change the course of our country and to make this planet a better place for everyone. The choice is ours. The future will be decided by our choices.

My vote goes to Barak Obama. I will share of my meager monetary resources and I will work for his election. I pledge to fan the flame of hope burning in my heart and to relight the fires of faith in my fellow citizens wherever possible. I pledge to create a better world for my three children, for my community, for everyone. I pledge to leave pessimism behind and work for a better future. In short, I pledge to make a difference!