Sunday, December 15, 2002

It is Imperative to Oppose Bush Agenda

--by Mike Adams

I believe that true patriotism necessitates a willingness to look at what is ugly about our country coupled with a willingness to work and perhaps make sacrifices in an effort to affect positive change.

Never before have I seen the media be as kind to a President as now. With control of the Senate changing in January, I’m afraid for the future of this country. I don’t believe that the press will provide accurate coverage. I don’t believe that we can rely on today’s media to keep our Government in check. In fact, I’m certain that those few lawmakers who actively and effectively work against President Bush’s agenda will receive bad press and will suffer scathing attacks from editorials and from their colleagues.

We must support those lawmakers who work against the Bush agenda. We must support the use of filibusters and other legal delaying tactics if necessary.

Certainly, the new congress will attempt legislation allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There will be attempts at more tax cuts for wealthy citizens and corporations. Costs of war in the Middle East will fall on people of middle to low income. The Patriot Act and Homeland security will be used to further erode of civil liberties.

We may be entering one of the most difficult and dangerous times that this country has witnessed since the civil war. People have voted with fear and have given their rights and power to a few conservative thinkers in Washington who would lead us into a war without end and who would lead us to ecological disaster. Mr. Bush has given convicted criminals positions of responsibility and leadership in his administration. Mr. Bush will now make appointments for lifetime judgeships.

Bush’s ability to appoint responsible judges is questionable considering his Attorney General, John Ashcroft who has opposed black judicial nominees under questionable circumstances, praised a magazine that views "Negroes," Latinos, "Orientals," and Eastern Europeans as being ethnically incapable of supporting democracy, accepted an honorary degree last year from Bob Jones University, a school that banned whites from dating blacks, and suggested that gays and lesbians be fired from civilian jobs simply because of who they are.

Please write to your elected representatives and urge them to do any and everything in their legal power to prevent advancement of Bush's agenda during the next two years. Stop him from appointing Judges who will roll back civil liberties. Stop him from allowing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Stop him from waging an endless war. Stop him from passing out tax cuts to corporations and wealthy Americans leaving the rest of us with the bill for his expensive legislation. What I ask might cause political difficulty with the press and with law makers. Ensure your elected officials that you will support them if they stand against the Conservative agenda. Promise to support those law makers who courageously stand for American Principles especially in the most difficult times ahead.

Thank you, Mike Adams