Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Support the Occupy Protesters

--by Mike Adams

We Support the Occupy Protesters
October 26, 2011
To the participants of Occupy Oakland and any other Occupy demonstration that has been subjected to violent reprisal for exercising your right to assemble under America's First Amendment.
We want you to know that we admire you all! While many of us can’t be there with you, we offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all that you are doing, for what you have suffered and for the stand you have taken. We know that you are fighting for all of America, even those who perpetrate insults and physical violence against you. We want you to know that your actions are appreciated and we know that what you are doing matters!
We understand that these occupy protests and occupations on public lands are an effort to make our legislators at all levels listen to legitimate grievances concerning our futures and our children's futures. Many of us who are signing or otherwise showing our support of this message are desperately hanging on to a job and supporting families, some are ill or immobile, while other may be petrified by confrontation. For whatever reason, there are those of us, who don't feel we join in person, but we admire what you are doing.
Please understand that, despite our absence on the front lines with you, we support you. We are talking about your courage and your stand, we are blogging about you, we are heartened by your commitment, we have purchased food and had it delivered to you, have written and/or phoned our legislators, news editors or the mayors of cities where we know there has been violence perpetrated against you and we want you to know that we think what you are doing is important.
We need you to continue, our country needs you to continue, our children need you to continue, our future needs you to continue. You have our deepest gratitude!
To all members of law enforcement, we understand that if you refuse a direct order, you risk losing your job or ruining your career. We understand that you too have families to support and futures to protect. We understand that you are in a difficult situation and that the choices you face are both challenging and conflicting.
We know that your jobs are difficult, that you risk your life everyday in service of providing a safe society and we sincerely appreciate all of that.
With regards to Occupy demonstrations, we ask that you, please, do all that you can to show sympathy and support to these courageous people standing up for our collective future. These people are trudging a difficult path in an effort to change our system so that an individual, who is willing to work can do so. They are fighting for the next generation’s right to inherit a country that promises the same hope extended to the generations that came before.
Please remember that at this time, all public employees are experiencing a firestorm of attack from powerful lobbies whose motives aren't entirely clear and whose identities are hidden. As a public employee, your pensions have been targeted, your work ethic has been questioned and your service has been painted as unimportant or useless. The Occupy movements are on your side, trying to ensure your futures and we ask that as you perform your jobs, you make every effort to remember that the occupy protesters are trying to make a better world for everyone. Thank you for your service and your commitment.