Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pepper Spray, Arrests and Gay Cats: Read Me!

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Anthony Bologna, the pepper spray cop was disappointed to learn that an internal investigation into his actions concluded that he had misused his pepper spray on September 24 when he walked by a cordoned off section at the Occupy Wall Street protest and without provocation, pepper sprayed four women in the face.

The poor man will lose a whole 10 days of vacation for his actions, which seems really over the top when you consider that bank executive penalties for ruining our economy and ballooning our national debt was to receive multimillion dollar tax funded bonuses. I think it unfair that Bologna should be treated so harshly for merely causing a few women, probably feminists, some physical discomfort when the people he protects were extravagantly rewarded for the much more heinous sin of ruining millions of people's financial futures and destroying their savings. Bologna could face criminal charges but lets hope justice will prevail and he will have his vacation reinstated and receive a raise.

On a more upbeat note, Naomi Wolf was arrested for giving comfort and emotional aid to the Occupy Wall Street demonstration that had gathered to speak with NY Governor Cuomo. For some reason, Wolf decided to encourage the protesters and she even pointed out that they were illegally being prevented from using the public sidewalk near the Huffington Post event where the Governor was expected.

Unfortunately, Wolf was only handcuffed, taken into custody and incarcerated for an hour or so. She was then released, big mistake! We can all take solace in the fact that her release from jail did include a summons for "refusing a lawful order". I pray vigilantly that the NY Courts will throw the book at her (and by that I mean the old testament of course).

The sad truth is that she may only receive a fine rather than being stoned by a mob. But what else could you expect from a country which has been taken over by ultra-left-wing-nuts, like Obama, the press, and most of Holly Wood? All of whom are secretly plotting domination of our world so as to forcibly convert every human, every domesticated dog and every house cat to homosexuality. Wake up America, if you don't want to be forced into gayness, its time that you buy some tea bags, hang them from your hat and lend your voice to the fight against these Stalinist, Hitler loving fascist commies.

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